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R&D Internship

Omejena pogodba

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

Development of adhesives Tapes & Tape building blocks

  • The intern will develop adhesive tapes & building blocks. This includes compiling a test plan, fabrication of samples and testing of samples as well as presentation of the results. The intern will plan & conduct his tasks autonomously with regular feedback and supervision from the lab manager & product development engineers.

Investigation of raw materials

  • The intern will evaluate novel raw materials. Materials are selected by or together with the lab manager & product development engineers. Evaluation includes deciding on fitting test methods, compiling a test plan and preparation & testing of specimens.

Development of Test methods

  • The intern will develop new test methods. This includes construction of test equipment, selecting appropriate test parameters and evaluation of the new test method.

Documentation of Test results

  • The intern will document any results in accordance to the lab standard in a comprehensive and accessible way. This includes digital as storage of test results as well as keeping a lab notebook.

Online & Literature Research

  • The intern will search the relevant literature & online sources to compile knowledge in specific areas. This includes documentation & bundling of the results.


  • Should be enrolled in a B.S. or M.A. of technical orientation with context to industrial fabrication of plastics, e.g. Chemistry, chemical Engineering, Material science/engineering, process engineering
  • Should have good skills in Microsoft Office, esp. Word & Excel
  • Should be able to structure his work and work autonomously
  • Should enjoy working in a highly dynamic work environment

tesa tape Inc. is an Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer, EEO/AA/m/f/vets/disabled