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SZ-R&D Engineer-Raw Material

Omejena pogodba

Glavne naloge

1. Plan, design, and conduct research projects according to established sci-entific methods, principles, and theories to solve problems; and improve, or generate new, products, components, equipment, systems, and pro-cesses;
2. Responsible for at least one standard lab equipment, including setting it up and performing routine maintenance and safety checks to ensure that the equipment is in good working order;
3. Calculating and analyzing test results and preparing detailed reports with recommendations and conclusions;
4. Estimate the costs, resources, and time required to conduct one or more research projects and monitor the performance of these projects to en-sure targets are met;
5. Being a project leader/member to ensure good project management of all technical aspects allowing timescales to be set and progress to be moni-tored closely;
6. Prepare complex calculations, specifications, and other technical docu-mentation so that prototype designs can be manufactured and assembled;
7. An understanding of how to access and use technical information that includes patents, technical papers, trade journal articles etc; research relevant patents, analyze and draft summaries of patent scopes and their impact on research strategies, raw material choice and product design;
8. Organize/coordinate pilot and production trials including trouble-shooting; sample analysis and trial assessment report.


1. Master degree in Material Science, Chemistry or Chemical Engineering, or other relevant fields;
2. Job experience is preferred especially in related industries such as coatings, adhesive, tape development or other relevant material science background;
3. Good computing competence including being familiar with standard packages such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint;
4. Good knowledge of project management skills as a beneficial;
5. High communication and self-assertion skills; Good level of reading, written and listening English and reasonable English language speaking capabilities;
6. Flexible, self-motivating, good work organizer, team player.

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